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STEMM Educator of the Year – Primary or Secondary School Level

Congratulations to the 2022 STEMM Educator of the Year (Primary or Secondary School Level) Finalists

Mrs Rebecca Ludewig

Salisbury High School

Ms Rebecca Ludewig has improved student's capacity to become numerate and adept in the field of STEM. She has also provided extensive opportunities to extend students and provide authentic experiences beyond the school environment. Ms Ludewig is an exceptional leader and teacher – innovative, progressive and totally committed to improving learning outcomes for all students.


Mr Ross Riach

Norwood International High School

Mr Ross Riach leads a number of STEM programs at Norwood International High School.

The five-week, whole year level Orion Space Program showcased student work and boosted public audience through STEM marketing and industry connections, and increased awareness of current real-world challenges in space research.

Mr Riach has also developed multiple in-school escape rooms and presented at conferences, boosting the education setting's capacity to think outside the box for STEM education and provide effective cross-curricular opportunities. His Escape Room website, Youtube channel and social media provides exposure for the non-educational world, and he intends to provide the same training and escape room opportunities to the general public with his portable facility once complete, further boosting STEM awareness to a community audience.

He has also developed a battlebot robotics program to support the digital technologies and capabilities for future military career prospects.

Mr Riach’s programs are designed to align with leading STEM industries and careers such as space, gaming and military applications, helping to create job pathways for students and improve the STEM economy in South Australia.


Mrs Samantha Andonis, Mr Steve Grant, Mr Sion Harman and Mr Wayne Jaeschke, Trinity College

The Trinity College SPARK Program is a future-oriented STEM curriculum. Through an immersive five-day experience, students engage in interdisciplinary and technological themed learning activities that develop inquiry skills, computational thinking and creativity.

The design, implementation and evaluation of the SPARK Program at Trinity College has truly been a team effort, and the impact on teaching and learning has been published in the Mathematics Education Research Journal.

As exemplary educators, innovative curriculum writers and contemporary researchers, the team of Samantha Andonis, Steve Grant, Wayne Jaeschke and Sion Harman are at the forefront of STEM education and are leading educational innovation throughout South Australia.

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