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STEMM Educator of the Year – Primary or Secondary School Level

Congratulations to the 2024 STEMM Educator of the Year (Primary or Secondary School Level) Finalists

Mr Daniel Marotti

Charles Campbell College 


Daniel’s impact on the Charles Campbell College community cannot be underestimated. His efforts to ensure that students thrive and reach their full potential is at the heart of all he does. He is a champion of STEMM, who promotes the College and the potential of public schooling when the community becomes part of the teaching and learning team. 

Daniel has helped raise the profile of the College, public education, and STEMM learning publicly through engagement with media, industry and government officials, students and their parents, and involvement in state and national public events.

His impact is best represented by Team Propulsion member parents, who have nothing but praise for Daniel’s personal endeavours, professionalism, and care in developing their child’s personal skills and abilities. 

Interdisciplinary learning leaders of the ASMS 

Dr Andrew Stone, Dr Sam Moyle, Ms Lisa Pope, Amanda Brook, Jesse Atkinson.


Australian Science and Maths School 

This team are part of a wider, collegial team at the Australian Science and Mathematics School. One of the school’s positive contributions to STEMM learning is its interdisciplinary curriculum. 


The team based collegial learning design drives an authentic student science learning experience. Students study STEMM as detailed, intricate disciplines but also as the phenomenon it is - a lens that allows us to consider all aspects of our world. As such, this team represent the truly interdisciplinary nature of STEMM and how it is incorporated into school wide curriculum. In 2024, Dr. Andrew Stone leads interdisciplinary subjects Dream, Design, Develop, and Truth and Perception, Dr. Sam Moyle leads Order From Chaos and Earth and Cosmos, Lisa Pope leads Biodiversity and Research Project, whilst Amanda Brook is leader of Pedagogical Innovation and Jesse Atkinson of English, Humanities, and Literacy. 

Mrs Jessica Simons

Trinity College Gawler

Jessica has helped to foster the development of an interdisciplinary curriculum that immerses students in relevant, creative, and reflective activities, with a strong focus on emerging technologies and STEMM practices. Her involvement in the VR in Schools Study is poised to yield publications in educational journals and presentations at conferences in 2024, enriching the collective knowledge base and advancing STEMM education globally. 

Her contributions to AI applications educate and guide institutions in the ethical implementation of this technology. Under Jessica’s guidance, students acquire a profound understanding of AI principles, applications, and ethical considerations, enabling them to responsibly engage with emerging technologies. 

As a pedagogical coach, Jessica has significantly influenced the professional growth of educators, fostering improved technology integration across interdisciplinary contexts in Primary and Secondary schools nationwide. Her collaborations with external industries facilitate valuable connections, providing students with hands-on research opportunities and avenues to contribute to industry advancements. 

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