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STEMM Educator of the Year – University or Registered Training Organisation

Congratulations to the 2021 STEMM Educator of the Year (University or Registered Training Organisation) Finalists.

Dr Richard Lilly

The University of Adelaide


Dr. Richard Lilly is currently an Embedded Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide where he teaches, supervises and coordinates a range of minerals industry related research projects for companies including Mount Isa Mines and OZ Minerals.


In 2016, Richard co-founded the successful National Exploration Undercover School (NExUS), which provides advanced training to the most promising geoscientists in Australia. The NExUS program has an alumni of 161 geoscientists from across Australia who are engaged in a wide range of geoscience roles to benefit the discovery and use of natural resources essential for our daily lives.


The NExUS program has also expanded to offer professional development workshops, 'work ready' activities for undergraduates and a geoscience/STEMM outreach program. NExUS has a strong national and international reputation for its program of activities and unique style of teaching.


Professor Giselle Rampersad

Flinders University


Dr Giselle Rampersad is a professor in Innovation in the College of Science and Engineering at Flinders University.


Under her leadership, the award-winning Diploma of Digital Technologies program has received national recognition for upskilling shipbuilders, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and STEMM teachers in schools to create an enabled future workforce through excellence, collaboration and innovation.


The transformative program has been important to the shipbuilding industry, bringing Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing to the Hunter class frigates for the state’s new digital shipyard. The program has also benefited other sectors including SMEs and schools, boosting the confidence and capability amongst STEMM teachers to inspire the next generation in STEMM and growing the pipeline of students to meet the needs of defence projects and high growth industries.

Associate Professor Kirstin Ross

Flinders University

Associate Professor Kirstin Ross is an award-winning, globally connected, influential Environmental Health educator, researcher and advocate.

She believes that students – both science and non-science students – should understand and appreciate science, scientific principles, and scientific methods. Anything less means graduates cannot contribute completely to the big problems and debates within today’s society.

Kirstin’s teaching is informed by scientific research, developing teaching resources that utilise social media and imagination to inspire university students, including non-science students, to understand and appreciate science.

Her teaching resources and enthusiasm for science teaching is shared with both colleagues at the university and within her profession through an online ‘Environmental Health Breakfast Club’ which includes teaching academics from around the world. As a science educator, Kirstin wants to equip students with the knowledge and skills to contribute to debates and solutions to real-world challenges.

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