STEM Educator of the Year - Tertiary Teaching

Congratulations to the 2019 STEM Educator of the Year - Tertiary Teaching finalists.

Associate Professor Tom Raimondo

Program Director, Environmental and Geospatial Science, University of South Australia

Associate Professor Tom Raimondo is an award-winning science communicator, leader of Project LIVE and Program Director of Environmental Science and Geospatial Science at the University of South Australia.

He teaches geology and geochemistry to students from a range of backgrounds including science, engineering, education, arts, journalism and law. His favourite teaching tools are compasses, computers, microscopes, smartphones and sometimes even a banana. 

Associate Professor Raimondo’s research focuses on the role of fluids in weakening the Earth’s crust and producing earthquakes, improving exploration models for mineral deposits in South Australia and assessing the impact of hot rocks on ice loss in Antarctica.

For anyone curious about why central Australia has the world's biggest gravity warp, why rocks are bored until they get splashed with water, or why southern Australia is the geological equivalent of a hot plate cranked to 11, Associate Professor Raimondo may have the answers. 

He is also a drone pilot in his spare time and loves bringing landscapes to life with virtual and augmented reality.


Dr Beth Loveys

Senior Lecturer, School of Agriculture Food and Wine, University of Adelaide

Dr Beth Loveys gained her PhD in plant ecophysiology and has held postdoctoral positions at the University of York and the Australian National University to examine the effects of climate change on plant growth, specifically temperature and elevated CO2. 

She is now an education specialist at the University of Adelaide where she is inspiring the next generation of plant scientists teaching the Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology and Applied Biology. 
Dr Loveys’ is working to improve student engagement in areas of plant science using blended and active learning and teaching methods.

Her success in implementing innovative teaching methodologies was recognised by an Office of Learning and Teaching Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning in 2015 and the Australian Society of Plant Scientists Teaching Excellence Award in 2018.

Associate Professor Karen Lower

Lecturer in Molecular Medicine and Genetics, Flinders University

Associate Professor Karen Lower obtained a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree from Flinders University and a PhD in the field of neurogenetics from Adelaide University before being awarded a Nuffield Medical Research Fellowship to continue her research in Oxford, UK. 

It was during this time that she discovered her passion for STEM education, culminating in the offer of a lectureship at Oxford University. Her drive to deliver inspirational STEM education was matched only by her desire to return to Adelaide and bring her skills and passion back to her home town. 

Associate Professor Lower took up a position at Flinders University in 2010, teaching and carrying out research in human genetics. Her innovative approach to STEM education has seen her increase the number of students studying human genetics by 10-fold, and has driven an ambitious program to redevelop STEM education in the medical degree and establish a lab where students can develop their skills in human genetics research. 

Associate Professor Lower’s contribution to motivating students in the area of STEM has earned her numerous awards and consistent positive feedback from both students and colleagues.

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