South Australian Scientist of the Year Award

Awarded to an individual who has demonstrated excellence in any STEMM field. The Scientist of the Year will also have made an outstanding contribution in providing leadership that has inspired others.


  • Individuals from either the private, public or not-for-profit sectors are eligible to nominate. 

  • Nominations must be based on achievement to date. 

Selection criteria

Criteria 1

Significant international contributions made in their field, providing evidence of the recognition of the global impact of the research by peers and stakeholders.

Criteria 2

Demonstrated track record of excellence as a leader within or beyond their field of research. This may include examples of: 

  • building, leading and mentoring successful teams 

  • leading successful collaborations either across disciplinary fields, engagement with industry, other public organisations or end users of research 

  • contributions to activities which shape the future of individuals or communities, or the future directions of their field. 


Criteria 3

In addition to the above, any other evidence of the benefits (e.g. environmental, social, health and economic) of the translation of research to South Australia from these activities.​