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Innovator of the Year

Congratulations to the 2020 SA Innovator or Innovation Team of the Year finalists.

Australian Centre for Child Protection Project Team

To address a potential pandemic of child abuse and neglect, the team of child protection experts applied a rapid research and translation approach. Their approach is framed with a public health perspective and is credited with a resultant reframing of SA’s and the nation’s policy and practice approaches to child protection.


Their work is also credited with the re-alignment of investments to reduce intergenerational impacts of abuse. This innovative approach redefined thinking around child protection, challenging many assumptions underpinning child protection research and system design for the past two decades.


This Project Team is led by Professor Fiona Arney, Professor Leah Bromfield, Dr Olivia Octoman, Dr Sarah Cox and A/Professor Alwin Chong.


Cryoclock Pty Ltd

Cryoclock developed the “Sapphire Clock” technology, that can deliver radio frequency and microwave signals with up to 1000 times higher signal purity than anything previously available. The Sapphire Clock has been chosen for incorporation in an upgrade of one of Australia’s major Defence surveillance assets, the Jindalee Over-The-Horizon Radar Network. The disruptive nature and excellence of Cryoclock’s technology were recognised by the prestigious Eureka Prize.

This world-leading performance is derived from 20 years of research, now fully protected and controlled by this South Australian company.

Micro-X Carbon Nano Tube Project Team

Micro-X developed and commercialised the novel light-weight, mobile X-ray unit ‘Nano’, which is based on ground-breaking carbon nanotube (CNT) technology.


‘Nano’ negated the need for heavy cooling systems to be involved in x-ray scans, which resulted in a fully integrated X-ray unit weighing a fraction of traditional mobile X-ray devices currently on the market. The ‘Nano’ technology has wide applications and has been adopted in various sectors, with multiple units have been deployed globally since the onset of COVID-19 and feedback from clients overwhelmingly affirmed the ease of use and cleanability due to the streamlined light-weight design.

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