Excellence in Science and Industry Collaboration Award

Open to teams that have harnessed innovative and productive models of STEMM and industry collaboration which may lead to positive economic, social or environmental impact.


  • Team members from either the private, public or not-for-profit sectors are eligible to nominate.

  • There are no restrictions as to when the achievement was accomplished.

  • The partnership should endeavour to include, but is not limited to, government, industry or other relevant organisations.

Selection criteria

Criteria 1

Outline a summary of the collaborative project that resulted in this effective partnership between industry and research to drive innovation, describing specifically:

  • the science excellence involved in the collaboration, and providing evidence

  • who was involved in the team and their role

  • the partnership model, how it began and why it is novel or innovative

  • the benefits and challenges of the industry/research collaboration.

Criteria 2

Outline how the collaboration has generated or has the potential to generate significant economic, social, health or environmental benefit to South Australia. Examples may include improvements in public health or in key environmental indicators, or acceptance by policy makers of reports and/or recommendations arising from the collaboration.


Criteria 3

Outline any effective strategies used to connect partners from different sectors to engage in the collaboration.