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Excellence in Science and Industry Collaboration

Congratulations to the 2021 Excellence in Science and Industry Collaboration finalists.

Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML)
Industry Solutions

The University of Adelaide


Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML) Industry Solutions works collaboratively with South Australian business leaders and their staff to expand in-house capability and create commercial growth through smart application of data.

The team consists of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning experts, engineers and business development professionals from AIML at the University of Adelaide.


From 2018 to 2021, AIML Industry Solutions worked with 21 small-medium businesses to enhance AI and machine learning capability within their operations. Their work created 30 new jobs and 13 new AI products. They have also uplifted machine learning capability in sports star booking company, Pickstar, leading to new partnerships with international clients.


Their work with Rising Sun Pictures has propelled them to the forefront of cutting-edge visual effects and animation, translating to increased revenue and client confidence. Overall, the companies they have worked with are now strengthened in their outlook and strategy, and exhibit new capability, skills, jobs and confidence.


Centre for Marine Bioproducts Development (CMBD)

Flinders University


The oceans around Australia are abundant with extraordinary resources – from fish and coral, to seaweed and algae, crustaceans, sea sponges and sea cucumbers.

The Centre for Marine Bioproducts (CMBD) at Flinders University transforms these sustainable farmed materials into exciting new products, including medicines, biodegradable plastics, bio-inks, nutrition drinks, and eco-friendly fertilizers. Using green chemistry, they develop advanced manufacturing processes to reduce waste, energy use, and the need for harmful chemicals.

Led by Professor Wei Zhang, CMBD is pioneering a new third-generation marine bioproducts industry, which brings together researchers, governments, industries and global partners, allowing scientists to work together across international borders.

CMBD is now embarking on the next stage of their ten-year mission, leading a new $270 million Marine Bioproducts Cooperative Research Centre that expects to generate $8.6 billion for the Australian economy, creating more than 26,000 jobs and developing new products that protect our health and environment.

STEM Fast Track, Micro-X and Flinders University Collaboration


The STEM Fast Track, Flinders University and Micro-X collaboration team works actively on connecting secondary and tertiary education with industry.


The team has recognised the importance of showcasing real-world STEMM careers to young people and providing guidance and support, from industry school visits to work integrated learning and industry placements.


The team focusses on providing equal opportunities to all and has a track record of outstanding feedback and student outcomes, some of which have resulted in science excellence. This contributes to strengthening South Australia’s future and self-sufficiency by encouraging local innovation and STEMM careers.

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