Conditions of entry

By entering the 2019 SA Science Excellence Awards, you agree to abide by the following conditions of entry:


  • Closing date for entries is 5pm Tuesday, 30 April 2019. No extensions will be provided.

  • Applicants must be Australian citizens or hold permanent resident status.

  • Nominees must be eligible for entry according to specific award category criteria. Non-compliance with entry criteria will be sufficient grounds for the Department for Industry and Skills (the Department) to reject the nomination.

  • Nominees enter on the understanding that the Department or its nominee reserves the right to alter, vary and/or modify any prize or condition of entry and reserves the right to make any new conditions.

  • If any award winner receives a prize and is subsequently discovered to be ineligible for the award, the Department reserves the right to recover the prize from the applicant.

  • The Department reserves the right to use non-confidential details and/or photographs and/or film footage for any publicity purpose pertaining to promoting the SA Science Excellence Awards, science and research and the teaching of science, as important contributors to South Australia’s economic, social and environmental wellbeing.

  • Nominee may be required to undertake a small number of local public events and engagements in the year following their award, such as National Science Week, or to present addresses at official events.

  • Failure of an applicant to follow any lawful direction of the Department, or its nominee, shall mean instant disqualification and instant forfeiture of any award whether or not any award benefit has commenced, has not commenced, or has commenced but has not been completed. No applicants shall have any right to seek compensation or otherwise claim for compensation and the nomination form is submitted on the express understanding that the candidate waives any right to claim for compensation.

  • Applicants must abide by the decisions of the Department or its nominee whose decision shall be final on all matters pertaining to the award. No correspondence or justification for any decision shall be required of the Department.

  • Past winners cannot apply in the same category in subsequent years but may apply for other categories if they are eligible.

  • Previous nominees and finalists are eligible to reapply for the 2019 SA Science Excellence Awards.

  • The majority of work or research for which you are nominating, must have been undertaken in South Australia.

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