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Award categories

These annual awards recognise South Australian individuals and teams that have demonstrated leadership in scientific excellence and innovation across the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM) Research and Innovation Value Chain.

Awards for Science Excellence

  • South Australian Scientist of the Year Award:
    Awarded to an individual who has demonstrated excellence in any STEMM field. The Scientist of the Year will also have made an outstanding contribution in providing leadership that has inspired others.

  • PhD Research Excellence Award:
    This award recognises recent PhD graduates with outstanding achievement in their STEMM field and strong potential to contribute to industry or enterprises in the state.

Award for Excellence in Science and Industry Collaboration


  • Open to teams that have harnessed innovative and productive models of STEMM and Industry collaboration which may lead to economic, social or environmental impact. The monetary Award will be split between the industry and STEMM groups.

Award for Excellence in Innovation and Translation


  • South Australian Innovator of the Year:
    This award recognises STEMM individuals or teams, who are presently working in South Australia, either in the private or public sectors that have developed new to world or new to industry products or services or delivered innovation through policy or health, social or environmental impact.

Awards for Innovation in STEMM Teaching


  • STEMM Educator of the Year (two awards):
    The STEMM Educator of the Year Award recognises effective teachers who are critical to successful STEMM education. The STEMM Educator of the Year is awarded in the following sub-categories:

    • School Teaching

    • Tertiary Teaching

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